Why our plant based Products?

Posted by Mogalixe Team on 6th Dec 2020

Why our plant based Products?

Plant-Based Material in Our Products

Widely used compostable products contain corn-starch as the base material. Our products do not contain corn-starch, but are made from non-starch raw material from abundant, surplus crops from sugars plants. These plants are used to capture and sequester CO2; thereby, transforming it into long-chain sugar molecules known as Polylactide (PLA).

Both starch and non-starch are 100% bio-based raw material, but why did we choose non-starch raw material?

Manufacturing our plant-based raw material produces approximately 80% less greenhouse gas emissions and uses approximately 52% less non-renewable energy (NREU) than traditional polymers like polystyrene. This plant-based raw material allows our products to be produced in a more energy efficient way than corn starch material because it does not require pre-drying, is manufactured at a higher speed and lower temperature, and has lower moisture absorption. Our resulting product is stiffer, stronger, and has a longer shelf-life. Most important it uses less energy during the production, allowing us to minimize harm to the environment.