About Mogalixe

At Mogalixe® we believe even a tiny contribution can make a big difference. That is why we purposefully focus on developing products and ideas that help preserve our environment.

Unfortunately, all products can create some pollution during use or manufacturing. We choose to focus on products that normally cause more pollution in order to make them less harmful to the environment.

Mogalixe is now focusing on producing compostable biodegradable products made from renewable resources to replace the single-use conventional plastic products and reduce their harm to this planet. 

Most plastic items are single-use. As a result, plastic waste is an exponentially growing global pollution problem. No matter how you dispose of plastic, it will cause pollution. When burnt, it pollutes the air. When thrown in landfills, it poisons the soil and groundwater, and may eventually end up crowding the oceans.

Our solution is to provide our customers with durable compostable biobased products. Using biobased compostable products can dramatically decrease the products' contribution to pollution. Biobased compostable break down in a short period of time after being disposed of and leave no visible contaminants or toxic residue.

Our compostable biobased products are made from plant-based raw material, our plant-based raw material is developed and made in the USA, using only abundant, surplus crops.

Mogalixe always prefers to work and partner with manufacturers and companies that focus on developing products that produce fewer greenhouse gases and use less non-renewable energy.

Saving the environment is a very complex task, but if everyone contributes a little bit, we will be in a better place.

We work remotely and use shared offices for some events, allowing us to minimize harm to the environment.

We are working as hard as we can to bring more of Mogalixe's durable and earth-friendly products to our customers.

We greatly value transparency and consistency. We strive to build lasting customer confidence through every interaction. Our goal is to bring you quality earth-friendly products and your feedback is very important to accomplish this goal. We would be thrilled to hear from you! Contact us here.