Mogalixe® Eco Paw Biodegradable Compostable Pet Waste Bags (60 Bags)


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Mogalixe Eco Paw Waste Bags - Biodegradable Unscented Refill Rolls - Dog Pet Poop Bags - Earth Eco-Friendly -Home and Industrial Compost certified - Highest ASTM D6400 Rated - Guaranteed Leak Proof - Extra Thick - 60 Count - Large - Size:  9 x 13 Inches

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Plant-based Bags. Biodegradable in landfills and home or industrial compost. Fully breaks down, leaving no harmful toxic residues behind. Highest rated ASTM6400. Passed the most restrictive home and industrial compost certifications. The plant-based raw material is developed and made in the USA, using only abundant, surplus crops.

TOP QUALITY: Made with a unique formula that keeps the best features of biodegradable bags, yet the quality is as strong as plastic bags. Extra thick and large size:  9 x 13 Inches. 60 bags total:  8 rolls with 15 bags per roll. Each roll fits perfectly in standard dispensers.

OUR GOAL: Provide our customers with environment friendly products of the highest quality. Every contribution is important to preserve our environment.